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Step 3: Design decisions

September 27th, 2004, 16:26

What design shall my new site get? I’m going to use roughly the current, originally only temporary meant version of my site, adding some spice using some of the Gnome desktop icons for navigational purposes (like it has been used on the old Mozilla.Org-homepage or the current Pivot installation (go here for some up-to-date screenshots).

I’m going to publish some drafts as soon as I got enough inspirations and decided which of the above mentioned icon graphics I gonna use for this ;)

Btw: I’m thinking about adding multiple language support, like I already using it with my CV website. But how I’m going to implement this into the current structure I dont know yet.

Update: By now I know how to implement above mentioned multi-language support - I’m going to add an extra field to wp_posts, which contains the current language flag (eg. ‘de’ for German content, ‘en’ for English, etc.). This field will be worked into the admin interface, so that you’ll simply select the respective flag, eg. from a drop-down menu ;)

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