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Mixed Pickles: VD + Thunderbird “Get Map”

February 8th, 2006, 12:01

First time in english :D

- stumbled over Be My Anti-Valentine - an Anti-Valentines Day campaign by me(ish) and brainsluice - send your female of choice a nice anti-VD greeting card :D

- I stumbled over the above URL when I was searching for how to change the “Get Map”-URL inside of Thunderbird - if you’re using the Addressbook and have at least a partially completed address entry, the “Get Map”-button appears beneath the work or home address data. If clicked on, you get redirected to MapQuest. I dont like it, because most of my addresses are located in Germany, thus I always had to add ‘Germany’ to the country-field, which is kinda idiotic - the blog that brought me to this and this page by Mozilla Foundation reveals how to change this interesting option (using user.js) ;)

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