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Step 6: Putting together the pieces

October 12th, 2004, 18:08

This is going to be the place to collect the single pieces of this project. By now, I’ve re-installed WordPress at my ‘official’ site, currently without any changes done to the standard template, nor any other files.

Following is my planning/result of brainstorming/to-do-list:

- Alp Uckan mentioned something like a very simplified version of WordPress (WordPress Light), which does include only the very essential parts - this is going to help me build pages including only a ‘Edit This’-link and the standard header data, nothing more, nothing less

- I’m going to use sub-categories instead single entries for my references/portfolio pages, because today, when I was under the shower, I came up with the idea of having something like a changelog/update option for each single project I’m working on - and projects they all are, no matter if it’s a commercial website, piece of software or just for fun stuff. I was brought to this conclusion thanks to Kitten’s Project Blog, esp. her (?) Anti-Comment-Spam plugins for WordPress ;)

- I’m not going to need all the clutter inside the WP root directory for most of the pages, eg. the trackback and pinging stuff - it’s only going to be used with the news and the references section (note: this could be some help if you plan to create a multi-blog-system based on WP ;) )

- should I add a link repository and if so, under what main topic/menu enty? I’m still going to use my already published struct-file for this project - maybe somewhere in ‘contact’ or so?

- the WP Admin Interface is going to get some nice changes - I dont need the useless Templates-edit clutter, instead there could be a link to my hosting plan-interface (editing, changing and deleting single hosting plans)

Well, that’s it for now. But I’m going to get this mumbling real by now. I’ve delayed these steps because I had a customer of whom I thought I would have to do a site and more for him this month, but he decided to delay that project till January/February 2005. So I’m off once again without any proper job - at least not the job I’ve got my professions in - and can push the WordPress CMS-project forward a bit. ;)

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